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Water is the driving force behind much of our economy.

Protection of this precious resource deserves the high profile it receives.

The last few months have seen the introduction of several initiatives which will address the damaging effect of human impact on our local environment.

At Environment Canterbury, we are working with farmers to help them meet their new responsibilities, which for many will include applying for a land use consent to continue farming.

The new rules will go a long way towards protecting and improving fresh water quality, ensuring we get the most out of Canterbury’s land and water from generation to generation. 

This website is full of information about the action being taken across the region to protect our water.

Chapter 1
Protecting Canterbury’s Water

What’s the story with water in Canterbury? Learn about the progress being made to protect our precious water resources.

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Chapter 2
What’s being done to protect our water?

Strict rules are now in place to ensure that farmers measure and manage the effects of their farming on local water quality. Find out what is being done.

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Chapter 3
Canterbury’s stormwater story

Our actions in towns and cities impact our local streams and rivers. Everything that goes down your drain flows straight into the nearest stream, unfiltered. When it rains, the water picks up anything in its way, and dumps it into the nearest stream via the stormwater drain.

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Chapter 4
Managing our Water

When it comes to water there are some things we can all agree on. We need plenty of clean, fresh water now and for the future.

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Chapter 5
Recreational Water Quality.

Environment Canterbury monitors for bacteria that can make you sick and checks the health risks at popular freshwater swimming sites around the region.

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